Glass Insulators UMEK

Glass Insulators UMEK
glass insulators


Advanced Electrical Glass Insulators


Efficiency and reliability of power and railway networks base on suspension glass insulators. Boasting one of the most modern plants worldwide, we are proud to produce approximately 10% of the global output, with an impressive production capacity of 4 million power-line insulators annually.


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Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology from leading global producers, ensuring an automated manufacturing chain from raw material preparation to rigorous testing of finished products. Our commitment to excellence, nurtured by years of expert experience and the very best in manufacturing equipment, enables us to offer a range of toughened glass and pin-type insulators. Trusted from the icy Arctic to the humid tropics and arid deserts, our insulators are the backbone of resilient power and railway infrastructures everywhere.


Discover the Range of High-Quality Power Lines Glass Insulators


  • Broad selection including various shapes of glass shells and pin insulators.
  • Certified quality by international laboratories and trusted by power engineers.
  • Competitive pricing for unmatched quality in the world of glass insulators.


Choose from our specialized glass insulators for sale:


  • Fog Type Profile, Open Profile, PSD, ShS, Standard Profile
  • U70BLP, U120BP, U160BLP, U160BSP


Opt for UMEK and ensure your infrastructure’s integrity with our reliable, high-quality electrical glass insulators. Our world-class production standards and competitive pricing make us your ideal choice. Transform your electrical networks with the resilience and efficiency of UMEK’s insulators today.


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